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Waste Exchanges Transformed:

The #openmaat Waste Exchange Marketplace (WEM)

Welcome to #openmaat Waste Exchange Marketplace: Technology and Digitization has established and edge into the waste exchange network via guarantee the traceability, broader distribution, reduced operating costs, and the opportunity to update listings on a faster timetable, two problems persisted.

From Waste Exchange to Materials Marketplace: #openmaat Waste Exchange Marketplace facilitates all the Waste Value Chain participants; to buy and sell;  to cooperate and establish new business models; collaborative and innovative solutions for the “Circular Economy”.

#openmaat Waste Exchange Marketplace follows Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC

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Traceability Workflow

'End to End'

#openmaat Waste Exchange Marketplace has integrated the most prestigious Electronic Document Management and Digital Signature Platform in the world to secure all transactions